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Image by Arisa Chattasa


Hot Spiced Apple Juice

Steamed apple juice,

Cinnamon spice, Orange slice


Hot Spiced Rum

Steamed Apple Juice, Cinnamon Spice, 25ml Golden Spiced Rum, Orange Slice


Espresso Martini

Vodka, Coffee Liqueur,



Bloody Mary

25/50ml Vodka, Tomato Juice,

Spices, Celery Stick


Jameson Orange Chocolate

25 ml Jameson Orange,

Steamed Hot Chocolate, Cream


Velvet Hot Chocolate

25ml Disaronno Velvet Liqueur,

Steamed Hot Chocolate, Cream


Winter Aperol Spritz

Prosecco, Cranberry Juice,

Aperol, Soda, Orange Slice


Pink Gin Spritz

25ml Pink Gin, Prosecco,

Lemonade, Strawberries


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